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Friday, November 28, 2008

Feels So Good.

Today is Black Friday. Never once have I ever set foot into a store on black Friday before. Until today. I had to go to Wal*Mart, LEI jeans were just $8, instead of the usual $20. Cannot beat that right? I needed new pants anyway since all of mine are too big front the weight loss. So I go in and there is only one pair in my "new" size, juniours 13. Since I am planning on losing more weight I bought a pair of 11's in hope of fitting in them by the new year. I haven't worn an 11 since I was in 6th grade, 11/12 years old. Well fuck me! They fit now! I am so flippin' ecstatic it't not even the least bit funny.

Dream size, 9, here I come!



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