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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Toms CurseBirthday

Today marks the day I am officially married to an old man. Tom turned 30 years old today. We are having a small BBQ next Sunday for him, as we refused to do anything for his birthday in fear something bad would happen.

See every year something happens on his birthday, whether a stomach bug, car accident, loss of something important, or death of someone close. Something always happens.

I woke up today feeling pretty good considering we had went out to dinner last night to celebrate and so far nothing had happened. Until I ran out to get McDonald's breakfast, and I saw my left ring finger. Yep, the one with my engagement ring and wedding band on it.

It happened again.
Toms Curseday struck again.
Only this time.. It struck me.
My rings are still there, but my diamond is gone. Completely gone.
The claws that hold it in place, bent, crushed and completely out of place.
(photo to come after work when battery is charged.)

Of course I am crushed. So crushed I have been in bed since. I feel horrible. I feel as if it is all my fault. I mean I have only had the damn ring for 5 years, this month. Five damn years and I couldn't keep my ring safe and beautiful.

I am just not meant to have nice things.
My camera-broken two lens in the year (minus 4 months in the pawn shop) I have had it.
Past, present, and future diamond necklace-broken two chains in the 1st year I had it.
My family bracelet-first month I had it I completely broke it in half.
It is a good thing nose rings and eyebrow rings are cheap as I have gone through more than I would care to admit.
I am just not meant to have nice things.
At least the diamond is not my fault.
It's the dates fault. If Toms birthday hadn't have come, it would be find. I promise you that.



Blogger I'm Rachel said...

Oh that sucks! Something similar happened to me when I was engaged before Neely. I'm sorry you lost your diamond.

Happy Curse, er I mean Birthday Tom!

June 6, 2009 at 11:19 PM  

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