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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So Freaking Busy!

I just started a new job last Wednesday, and OMG am I exhausted! It is pretty much 8:45am-8:45pm, well sorta, basically a meeting at 8:45, then that is over at 10:30, then I have to head to my 1st appt at 11:30, that is usually over around 2:15, then I go to my 2nd appt at 3:30, that is over around 5:45, then to my last appt at 6:30 which is usually over at 8:45pm.. It is hard but it is awesome pay, and if I make any sales then I will see more money than I have ever seen in a paycheck before, lol! So if you are curious to know what this too good to be true job is, it is selling Kirby's, yes the vacuum, well it isn't a vacuum. It is a "home cleaning system." Basically I go where the boss tells me, (three homes per day) to do a "free carpet cleaning," then attempt to sell the product. I get a set pay for doing the 15 weekly appointments, plus bonuses for making sales, for showing up to the morning meeting, and there are always contests to keep us motivated. For example, for training, if we (the new hirers) set up 6+ appointments on our own for the previous weekend we were paid $10 per appointment, which is not much, but that is not counting all the other pays, all the other bonuses, or if we made any sales. So since I made a sale on Fri. I will be getting the $60 for the appts, and the $$ for the sale, plus my set pay for doing the 15 appts. on my first check. I love it, I just miss my kids..



Blogger Jolene said...

Ooh, Hubby tried that a long ago. It's a long tough road, but it's possible! ((BIG HUGS)) and good luck!

October 22, 2008 at 5:29 PM  

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