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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gingerbread Train

Forever Tom and I have discussed building a Gingerbread house with our children. This is the first year Thomas is old enough to participate. We haven't done the house yet. We did our train this afternoon. Yes! We found a gingerbread train, how neat is that? We also saw a gingerbread tree, but didn't have the cash to grab it.

It was tough doing a craft project while living with my parents since they don't believe in any noise during the afternoon, since they snooze all day on the weekends on the couch/chair. Tom was shushing Thomas every three and a half seconds, not letting me put in any input. Thomas and I weren't able to help build it at all... Even most of the decorating he did.. It is so hard when Daddy/Tom is such a "perfectionist" when it comes to these kinds of things, which puts a damper on Thomas's creativity.. Basically Thomas and I put the candy/icing where we were told, and whispered the whole time. With all my bitching and moaning, we had fun. I love when the four of us our together, doing something, anything together..




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