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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Living upstairs made it easy as can be.
Have a nightmare? Just can't sleep?
Head on downstairs,
That's where she'll be.

"Coffee" in the morning,
cereal in the TMNT bowl.
Gotta eat it with the trix spoon,
It's the same everytime, ya know.

Grandpa's playhouse,
David the Gnome,
Eureka's castle,
We were never alone.

Never understanding
why Santa made two stops.
One "Christmas" at our house.
But the one at her's always rocked!

Aunt Jemima pancakes,
and the syrup too.
Always a perfect lunch,
and a perfect dinner too.

Playing out back,
in the turtle sandbox.
Hopping, skipping,
throwing some rocks.

Years went by,
we all aged.
Growing older and older.
She went so grey!

Her hair always the same,
the perm tight to her head.
She always dyed it brown.
But once it was brownish-red.

Her nose was like rudolph.
so red and so bright.
Her toes were crooked and mangled,
man, what a sight!

Solitaire, Uno, and Skipbo
were a few games we played.
While I snacked on her stuffed cherry peppers,
which she always had made.

While we played,
soaps we watched.
But you had to pay attention to her cheating,
in which I would always yell, stop.

And when we left her house,
it was always a blast.
1st stop, always was Dunkin'
I thought those days would last.

Whenever out to eat,
she would never let us pay.
It was like her way of thanking us,
for sharing our entire day.

Those days are gone,
forever missed.
Man I just want
one last forehead kiss.

One more teeth-hanging out smile.
One more silly grin.
One more chance to say,
Haha I win.

Just one more day,
just her and I.
Just one more day, PLEASE
I swear I won't cry.

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