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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Pediatrician

I cannot believe I forgot to post about Collin latest check up.
He went Tuesday
He is 23lbs8oz and 31.5" tall, he is still so darn petite if you ask me. He got his MMR#1 and his chicken pox vac. The nurse and pedi both want us to start weaning Collin off the sippy and onto an open mouth cup. Something Thomas had completely had done by the age of 2-on his own.. So today we started with the open mouth cup:

Also, I had asked about Collin's lack of verbal communication, and explained how he doesn't even babble much, just the occasional ba and da sounds.. and the only word he says is ball, heck he doesn't even say mama or dada anymore...
Oh and our pediatrician had a stroke back in Dec/Jan. We realized at the 15 mo check up He is a lot "worse" than we had been led to believe. He has no use of his left arm at all. He lost soooo much weight. He just looks ill..

We realized we may have to find a new pediatrician in the next year or so.. I really do not want to switch. I have never heard of anyone around here (or anywhere) having a pediatrician as laid back as mine. One who isn't everything must be by the books...

And just so I don't have to start another post, Thomas is going to the pediatrician tonight, Tom is taking him as I will be at work.. He has a really big bite on his leg.. It hurts really badly to the touch. Tom popped it, as it looked like a pimple, with a really big head and the pus that came out was gross.. We are worried, as we think its what caused Collin's toe infection..

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Blogger Trish said...

I remember you being pregnant! How has he gotten so big so quickly!?

May 15, 2009 at 11:40 PM  

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