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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Damn head games.

I am worse than a little girl with a celebrity crush sometimes. I meet a guy, or a guy I already know begins to pay me a bit of attention and I start feeling all mushy about him. I say it is like a celeb crush, because I know I cannot act on it. I know nothing will ever come from it. I know I am happily in love with my husband. Yes, after 9 years he still lights my fire. But lately, so is this guy. Man, what I would do to have one night where I am single. Or just a few hours.. Actually.. I wouldn't do anything to have a few single hours. Why? Because I am happy with my relationship. I am happy being married. I am happy with who my husband is. And I would not change a damn thing. For now, I will enjoy knowing another man finds me interesting and attractive, especially now when I feel my worst. I will enjoy his flirtatious comments, gestures, and smiles. I will even think about him and what could be. Hell, I might even flirt back a tad bit. But risk my marriage? My over all happiness? My family? No way in hell.

All because I already have the most amazing man in the world, who makes me feel like a super model millionaire, even when I am big and pregnant, and a miserably unhappy person.



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