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Saturday, October 25, 2008

My baby boy ;[

He says, "Mommy I wanna sleep at Grandma's," in that whiny, begging voice.
"Remember last time, Thomas, when you cried and cried that you missed Mommy," I replied.
"Yea Mommy, I member," he whines back, "I no cry now, Mommy!"
"Okay, but it is up to Grandma & Grandpa!"

So jammies on, hugs and kisses for Mommy, Daddy, & Collin, and another promise that he will be good, he won't cry for Mommy and he will sleep in his spot for the night and not in Grandma's bed, lol. Mommy, Daddy & Collin go home, Collin just goes to sleep and the phone rings..

Who is it?

Take a guess.

Just one.

Yup, Thomas, begging and crying to come home.
"I *sniff, sniff* want to come home, Mommy! I not want to sleep at Grandma's no more. *sniff, sniff* It's time for bed and I want to sleep with you, Mommy! *sniff, sniff"

What's a Mom to do? Here you are listening to your three year old son, who begged to stay at Grandma's, begging to come home now. You have just enough gas to bring the other baby back to Grandma's and go to work. But you cannot stand the thought of your 1st born son sitting at his grandparents house miserable wanting his mommy.

This is what a mom does:

-Convinces him to spend the night, promises to call bright and early and promises Daddy will be there early to play with him.

Man! Do I hate to hear my children upset or what!?



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