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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

She is me.

For some time now, almost one year, someone has been missing. I keep on searching for her, but she is no where to be found.

This person had everything. Love, intelligence, goals. A wonderful husband, a beautiful boy, and another son on the way. Though she did not see it then. her life was pretty much perfect, in almost every single way.
She had family, a roof over head. All the bills were paid, a great life she led.

Though she did not see it then, until it was too late. Then she ran away again. Like she had done many times in the past. Only now she was older, wiser, she had brains on her side.
Instead of disapeering, physically & actually running further away, she stayed this time. And just ran away from her mind.

No one knows she is even missing. They all believe she is me. No one knows I am holding her place right now. At least until she can be.

Until she can come back again, and lead a normal life. Until she can manage on her own again. Until she is no longer a threat to herself.
Until then I will be here, saving her place.
Until she is ready again to live her life once more.



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