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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The same ol' thing.

Everymorning it's the same old bullshit. Collin gets up first, talking and screaming in his crib. Then I roll my eyes at the start of another day, get up and make a bottle, hand it off to Collin in his crib, with a few toys and try to get a few more minutes of sleep. Then Thomas wakes up, joins Collin in the crib for some play in there so Mommy and Daddy can get a few more minutes of sleep. Next comes the mad dash. The dash to get the boys and ourselves dressed, which means: I get Collin dressed, Thomas changed, myself dressed, then Tom gets up, grabs a smoke, heads to the bathroom until he knows that I sure have done it all myself..again. Then we rush to get medicated and come back home.. and guess what!? By now, its noon.. time to start another mad dash.. Make some formula, make some lunch, and while Tom does do most of this part.. What does he do once the kids food is in front of them? Rush into P.J.s room to play PS3... Man it has only been a few days since that part has been apart of our daily routine but I am sick of it.. Not because he plays while the boys eat, but because he doesn't stop playing until P.J. goes to bed, around 9-10p.m!

I have been asking for a week now for him to take me somewhere so the boys can play in some leaves and I can get some great foliage photo's..

Maybe Today..



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