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Saturday, January 17, 2009

One Year Ago Today

I had my last OB appt. I was told Collin was 7lb6oz, I was scheduled to have an induction for the 18th at 6am. I was CONVINCED he was never going to come. That night he was born, after the easiest, quickest, birth I had ever imagined, at 6 lbs 19 oz.

I cannot believe this. I am so ready for another baby, well no, I am completed not, but I want another.

This first year is just so amazing, how they turn from these itty bitty little blobs to these real people with their own amazing little personalities. Then when you add the affection they learn over this first year. Wow.

I so miss the cuddles from when he was so teensy. I miss him completey relying on me for nourishment, for comfort, for love, for everything. Yet, the hugs and open mouth kisses, the high fives, the waves buh-bye, the "ny nys" at bedtime, the smiles in the morning and after a nap..

Oh my. Do I love this first year.

And to think, it just gets better, easier, harder. Different. I look at Thomas, then imagine Collin in a year or two. The things he is going to learn. Things he will do. Man oh Man.

Happy Birthday my little man.

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